Shea butter & Aloe Lotion

Shea butter & Aloe Lotion

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Product description :

A soothing and nourishing natural body butter, contains: Shea butter, Sunflower oil and Aloe Vera.


This natural lotion melts on your skin and feels smooth and silky.

Aloe has long been considered to be a premier product for moisturizing and healing the skin while Shea butter is known for aiding dry skin. 


The Lavender & Sage balances both mind and body. It is a fresh, "herbely" scent, clean and pure. It is said that lavender helps relax and keeps you calm. 


This lotion has a thick texture, almost like body butter. The reason we like a pump bottle is because it helps avoid contaminating the lotion, and keeps its shelf life longer. This way you get to enjoy your body moisturizer for a longer time, and get a fresh clean dose with every pump :) 

+ Natural Formula
+ Contains Aloe and Shea butter, for maximum nourishing and soothing qualities
+ Mineral oil & Paraben FREE
+ Beautiful 8 oz bottle with a 2 mm pump (the perfect amount each time!)
+ Fresh, clean scent of Lavender and sage.


Price : $20.99
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